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About BC-OS

Our mission is to promote research, best clinical practice and a wider understanding of the effects of cancer treatment on the cardiovascular system.

BC-OS committee 2012
The British Cardio-Oncology Society was formed in 2012 by UK cardiologists and oncologists from multiple sub-specialties working on the cardiovascular effects of cancer treatment. We work with local, national and international partners to improve patient care and welcome enquiries from cardiologists, oncologists, charities, the NHS and industry.
The society is an associated professional group of the British Cardiovascular Society (www.britishcardiovascularsociety.org) and works closely with the International CardiOncology Society of North America (ic-os.org).

BC-OS Activities


Arjun Ghosh
BC-OS organises an annual educational event in collaboration with the British Cardiovascular Society and UCLH. More details will be posted here about the next meeting.


Charlotte Manistry
The society and its members are active in cardio-oncology research, developing investigator-led clinical trials, and giving cardio-oncology advice to cancer treatment trials. Contact our research team (research@bc-os.org) for more information.


Alex Lyon
BC-OS members are active in the development of national and international guidelines in the field of cardio-oncology - see the guidelines page for more information.


Charlotte Manistry
Membership of the British Cardio-Oncology Society is open to all those working in adult or paediatric cardiology or oncology who working on the cardiovascular effects of cancer treatment. Members are invited to BC-OS meetings and scientific sessions, recieve society newsletters by e-mail and vote in committee elections.

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